Gibby’s Gourmet @ Cow High Cafe

The food at Gibby’s is always fresh, local and home-made. Opened in September 2010, we are housed within the Cowichan High School and cater to both school district and general public.

A different daily lunch special every day, alongside an extensive menu of hearty delicious fare is served up by the fun and amazing staff at Gibby’s.  Fresh homemade soup and/or salad always accompany the lunch special.  Coffee or juice and homemade hash browns accompany the breakfast special.

Gibby’s is contracted to S.D.79, there is no funding provided by the school or district to keep Gibby’s running. They depend upon students and staff enjoying our food and beverages and coming back. Gibby’s has become a viable part of the school community and supports the teachers and Administration in promoting education and respect.

Students are not allowed to skip and hang at Gibby’s or if they are late for class we send them off to class. If they are hungry in class, most teachers support them and Gibby’s by allowing them to come to the Cafe and get a snack, knowing they will be sent back to class directly after.  Gibby’s also supplies volunteer hours and work experience to students.  Gibby’s supports those students who don’t always get enough to eat by allowing a work to eat situation so bellies get food when needed.

Gibby’s follows the Canada health guide as well as the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for healthy food.  We are all Food Safe certified.

Come in and check us out, you’ll be glad you did.

We’re open from September – July… 7 am to 1 pm

2652 James St, Duncan, BC
V9L 2X2
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